The Story

The word Mana means the magical quality surrounding and emanating through the sea, mountains, people, objects and talismans. The effect is much like being in love; one feels bereft without it.

MANÀ is a brand born out of esoteric impulses. It celebrates duality; living in between multiple worlds, and being careful about transitional moments. It is about evoking the feminine instinctive nature; a powerful force existing within each woman and man. It is a call for those who share similar vibrations.

Join the tribe.

The Process

Each piece of MANÀ jewellery carries a talismanic quality and is meant to carry a variety of meanings; the love for the natural, artworks to adorn the body, symbolic manifestations, an expression of attitude, an approach to life, a means of marking one’s own identity.

They have a certain intimacy; they are small handmade sculptures to be worn on the skin. Unbounded by the traditional jeweller’s constraints, there is a quality of an expressive language, the hand of the artist can always be seen. Small imperfections are celebrated as a part of the process. While working mainly with porcelain, Ezgi also experiments combining her porcelain sculptures with silver, gold, gemstones, and textile to layer textures and meaning. It is a mélange of ancient and modern, and a reference to symbolism, stories and nature is always present.

All MANÀ pieces are unique, or small series, crafted by hand in the Netherlands. Many of the creations are made to order.