Care Guide




To maintain the beauty of your jewellery, we recommend you take good care of it.

- Avoid activities which expose your jewellery for potential damage. the amulet pendant is entirely made of porcelain; therefore, it must be treated with due care.

- We recommend taking off your jewellery when sleeping, showering, sunbathing, swimming, or applying perfumes and lotions.

- Storing your jewellery in the provided canvas dust bag and its box will help prevent unwanted damage.

- Keep your pieces separate to avoid hitting each other.


Tarnishing of sterling silver is natural and we believe it adds character to jewellery. if unwanted tarnishing does occur, gently clean your silver piece with a silver polishing cloth. If there is a textile cord attached to your silver jewellery, we recommend cleaning the silver part frequently to avoid tarnishing silver staining the textile. Remove the textile cord before polishing silver.


Glazed porcelain can be vulnerable to stain. you can wash your porcelain piece with warm water with a few drops of detergent. gently scrub with a soft sponge, rinse in water. dry well immediately with a soft cotton cloth. Remove any textile or leather cord before washing your porcelain piece.


Textile Cord;

Both silk and cotton ropes are hand washable. Use cold water and detergent for delicates. Wash gently and rinse by soaking in cool water 1-3 times, then gently squeeze the cord in a towel to get rid of the excess water. Lay flat to dry.